Hey guys! I just installed a new module so that I can share my workout plan with you all and help keep myself accountable! I’ll share my plan each week and I hope you will also tell me what YOU are doing to get in shape and live a healthier lifestyle!

This week I have a special Group Fight session – we are meeting to practice for the new launch that happens this NEXT MONDAY, July 15, at 5:30pm in studio A (normal bat time, normal bat channel). We hope you will join us!! See below for a special sneak peak of what to expect. I’ll be teaching tracks 4&5 and…. spoiler alert…. “Superman” will be making an appearance again! There is also a really kick a$$ spinning elbow hit in one of the later tracks. It’s going to be super awesome and I hope I’ll see you all there!!!!

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Author: Angela

Angela has worked with computer information systems since 1987 and is currently a System Administrator for Choose Networks, an Iconic IT company. Angela is also a Signal Officer in the Army National Guard and a Group Fitness Instructor. She participates in Kickboxing, bowling, and cyber security capture the flag challenges. Angela has lost more than 100lbs with the help of P90X and similar programs. She has one adult child, three teenagers, and a husband.

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