Work Out With Me – July 15-21 – And GROUP FIGHT LAUNCH!

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First of all — IT’S TIME!!! For another amazing Group Fight Launch that is! Join me, Sam, Chris, and Diane as we kick off another new release of Mossa Group Fight. We will be launching TONIGHT, July 15, at 5:30pm in Studio A at Genesis Health Clubs in Hutchinson. And in case you’re wondering – YES – the AC is fixed! Yay! Us instructors will be wearing our Group Fight shirts with wild/crazy workout pants so feel free to join in the fun and wear something wild and crazy too!

Fun throwback to a prior launch 🙂

There are some neat things about this new release that I’m really excited about! First of all, one thing you’ll notice if you’re a veteran of the program, is that there are some movements that are going to feel really unusual and so will really engage your brain – like a back kick off the FRONT foot and front kick off the BACK foot. What Mossa did this time around is try to change up the ball game a bit to force our brains to wake up and really have to WORK just as hard as our body is. This is great for enhancing mental clarity and agility which is super important the older we get! Don’t worry though, there’s not too much of this – just enough to keep you on your toes! 😉

They also threw in some fun moves like one of my favorites – the Superman punch! If you’ve never done this move before, just know that there are plenty of ways to modify it – you can keep your feet totally on the ground, raise your back foot but stay on the ground, do a small hop just barely off the ground, or go full bore and really jump into it! Your intensity is totally up to you and YOUR abilities – that goes for EVERY move!

There is a new move coming that’s a spinning elbow and OMG it’s SUPER fun! Speed is really your friend here! It’s a triple circular elbow followed by a descending elbow into a spinning back elbow into another descending elbow. You’re going to feel like a BADASS!


Okay, enough about Group Fight! I have a couple changes to my workout schedule I want to talk about. Last week I ended up SUPER exhausted and totally out of gas. By the end of the week I could barely even workout and skipped some of what I had planned because I knew I needed to listen to my body and rest. I want to tell you that sometimes this is what your body needs MOST and you should listen! I know we all want to be tough and stick it out but there are times when doing so would only cause more problems and that is where I was at. So moving into this next week I am shifting some things.

First, I met with John, my personal trainer, for the first time in several months. Military obligations took me away for a while so we started with an assessment of where I’m at. He changed my macros to 40/40/20 (P/C/F) from 40/20/40. Getting my carbs higher will help me with my energy levels and lowering my fats will help me keep my calorie counts in range.

Second, I moved my run days from M/W/Sa to T/Th/Sa. I did this because M/W had entirely too much going on and running on those days meant three workouts in one day. On Tuesdays and Thursdays I only had one workout scheduled (Kickboxing) because I work in Wichita those days, so I’m not able to get a morning workout in.

Third, I dropped trying to also do Pushups and Situps every day. It wasn’t happening anyway and with doing Method Makia I’ve found it really isn’t necessary. Most of the time I get plenty of pushup/situp type activity in during those workouts.

Lastly, starting next week, I’ll be dropping my Monday Group Fight class (Sorry Diane!!!!) in favor of adding a weight-lifting training session at the request of my personal trainer. The only way I could work it in was to give up something else. This Friday I’ll find out what that workout will be and will start next Monday!

Sunday will still be my rest day – the most important day, in my opinion. Recovery is where the magic happens. It’s when muscles are built and fat loss really begins to happen. I sleep in as late as possible (sleep is a miracle worker for muscle recovery), drink LOTS of water, and just get in small walks here and there as it makes sense to (like to the grocery store or other shopping).

So there it is! Whew!! Lots happening but I’m already seeing some positive changes and I feel like every day things get just a little bit better! I had a spike on the scale due to soreness and water retention but it’s already going back down so I’m okay with that. What’s on YOUR workout plan for the next week? What are you goals? What do you need help with?



Angela has more than 20 years of information technology experience and two years in Cyber Security. She currently works as a Security Operations Manager for a global aerospace manufacturer. She also serves as a commissioned officer in the Army National Guard for the Defensive Cyber Operations Element. She has many hobbies and enjoys bowling, cardio kickboxing, and singing karaoke. She has a husband of more than 20 years, four grown children, an English Bulldog, and two parakeets.


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