Group Fight Launch – July 2019

by | Jul 18, 2019 | Fitness & Health

Group Fight Launch was a success!!! I’d like to thank everyone who came out and participated in the launch and a huge shoutout to the other instructors who made it all possible: Chris, Diane, and Samantha – you rock!

There were definitely some moments of shock when we did certain moves that required some serious brain power. But unfamiliar moves and engaging both our left and right brains at the same time is going to do amazing things for our cognitive functioning at the same time we work on our physical health. Mental health is just as important, right? Right!

Thankfully Chris took lots of pictures and videos because I was too wrapped up in the moment to think about it! Hah! So here you go! If you’re interested in trying out Group Fight, look for a Genesis Health Clubs near you. If you’re in Hutchinson, come visit us! Talk to me and I can help you get a free pass (usually 10 days) so you can try different classes and use the equipment before making any kind of commitment. See you there!