Are you a Twitch Streamer? Ever wish you had a way to really track your goals and chart your progress? Here is your solution!

This macro-enabled spreadsheet will help you track your goals and progress while also allowing you to plan on a monthly and annual level. It includes:

  • Goals and Stats
  • Monthly Planning
  • Annual Plan


  • Monthly stats tracker will turn green if you meet or exceed your goals! This is a great motivator and easy visual way to see your progress!
  • Monthly planner can generate any month in any year at the click of a button. (If you don’t want to lose what you planned that month, simply save a copy of the spreadsheet and start w/ a new month!)
  • Annual planner allows you to quickly visualize and differentiate between special event streams and your regular schedule. It’s as easy as copy/paste!

*Note – You must enable macros for this worksheet to function properly.

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