Are you a team captain on a bowling league? Really passionate about your team stats? Or maybe you just want a great way to track your own personal stats? Then this spreadsheet is for you!

This comprehensive spreadsheet includes lots of bells and whistles for all your bowling tracking needs. It includes auto-calculated fields, auto-populating fields, auto highlight rules and more! Furthermore, it has been optimized for printing so that you can print it off, place it in some page protectors in a binder, and take it each week for motivation for you or your team.


  • Team Roster – keep all your team info in one place. Captains, distribute this page so everyone has all the relevant contact info in one place.
  • Team Standings – Make use of your weekly stat sheet and record your team standings and watch as you (hopefully) rise to first place!
  • Last Week Scratch – Did a team member appear on the stat sheet this week? Record it here!
  • Last Week Handicap
  • Season Scratch
  • Season Handicap
  • Individual Stats – This is where the money is! Record your stats, set goals, and watch your game improve (orrrr not?).

This is the same sheet that I used to take a team of new bowlers (excluding myself) and led them to a 2nd place win, just narrowly missing 1st place by one game. It works! I am always open to suggestions as well. If you enjoyed this, please leave a review. Thank you!

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