COVID-19 BuJo Spread

COVID-19 Personal Impacts

March 17, 2020 1:31 pm | Bullet Journaling | 0 comments

COVID-19 BuJo Spread

Like everyone else, I was initially skeptical, even angry, about the Coronavirus hype and, what I perceived as scare tactics, that were invading and affecting our lives. Like many, I originally said, “It’s basically just the FLU,” and, “The Flu is killing people by the thousands and is the worst it’s ever been – why are we panicking over the Coronavirus?” I still don’t understand why everyone felt it necessary to buy up all the toilet paper before cleaning supplies or food – that is a mystery that may never be solved. But one thing I have come to understand is that it’s not about me – it’s about protecting those who might be susceptible and slowing down the ability for this virus to spread. In our normal daily lives, we touch dozens of surfaces and are in close proximity to others on a daily basis. Surfaces and hands are not cleaned nearly as often or as well as they should be, and we definitely all touch our faces… a LOT.

COVID-19 is a strain in the family of Coronavirus that is hardy and can live on surfaces for a week or longer because it has a protective outer layer that houses the virus and allows it to live outside its host. Besides being highly communicable, we don’t have a known vaccine or treatment and it has a higher mortality rate than the other strains. The best thing we can do is work together to slow down its spread while scientists work to crack this case (and to keep from overwhelming the medical infrastructure).

So think about it. You go to the store and you pick up a product to read its label. You decide against it and put it back. But someone before you who was asymptomatic but carrying the virus (and had gotten it onto their hands) also touched it and put it back, leaving behind the virus. The person who was shopping before you has no symptoms yet but is contagious. How many other things has that person touched? What about the checkout register? Or worse, self checkout? That one person shopping probably touched a dozen or more items and objects in just one trip. So you’ve now touched at least one thing that contained the virus and it’s on your hands now. Because you’re shopping, you will naturally pick up and put down other items and touch other things on the way out. So now you’ve spread the virus even more because it was on your hands. Imagine there are 100 people in that store. Can you see how quickly this all adds up? You were healthy and perhaps you will stay healthy because, even though that virus is on your hands, you are smart and haven’t touched your face to get it inside your body. On your way out the door, you hit the hand sanitizer and then when you get home, you wash your hands. Crisis averted, right? Wrong. What about all those other people that will touch all the objects where the virus now lives? Unless they too are very careful about not touching their face, sanitizing, and washing their hands, they are potentially infecting themselves and others.

THIS is how a virus can spread so quickly and rapidly without anyone realizing it until it’s too late. So while we might think this is silly to go on lock-down, cancel activities, close dining rooms, etc. it is for a much higher purpose than our own personal inconvenience and we need to take this seriously. If your normal group activity is cancelled because the venue is closed, do NOT try to meet up somewhere else. You are defeating the purpose of the venue closing to begin with and increasing risk for everyone involved (and not involved). Just stay home, read a book, knit, crochet, play video games, and spend time with your families. Enjoy being healthy and know that your temporary inconvenience is for the greater good.

That said, since I am big into bullet journaling, it is only logical that I would create a spread, right? Some people are tracking numbers and major news concerning COVID-19. I thought it would be better to track exactly how it is affecting our own daily lives. One page explains the virus and has a box for me to track the current Kansas count of those infected (in pencil so I can change it) and the other I’m filling in as situations arise that affect me or my family in some way. I have a feeling I’m going to need additional pages…..

I’d love to hear from YOU about how this is affecting your family and daily lives! Post below and share a picture of your own COVID-19 spreads if you wish. 🙂

Take care and remember TO WASH YOUR DAMN HANDS! LOL 🙂

COVID-19 BuJo Spread



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