Over the last 6 months or so I’ve been working on building two separate workout areas – one indoor and one outdoor. More on the outdoor one later. The indoor one is in a small room in my basement that also houses our server and assorted computer-related odds and ends (some of them anyway). But I managed to chisel out a couple corners for some of my stuff so that I have a place that makes sense to do things like stretching, yoga, calisthenics, weights, etc. It also has my treadmill for days I can’t run at the gym and don’t want to run outside.

One of the programs I’m doing is a calisthenics program called Method Makia and some of the moves require something to stand or sit on and they always show using a plyo box. So I ordered one off Amazon and put it together! I will tell you that you get what you pay for – this is one the cheaper boxes and one piece was cut just a bit off and wouldn’t fit. But no worries, a simple sanding block (approx. $4) from Home Depot and I was able to sand down the pieces that were oh-so-slightly too big and voila! It all fit. 🙂 So the box really cost about $50 all said and done, but it feels sturdy so I’m happy. This one is a 12x14x16 and is the smallest one. As I improve I will probably start ordering the next sizes up!

The other new toy I got was a 15lb kettlebell and, believe it or not, is the first kettlebell I’ve owned. I got it to help me practice for the ball toss in the new Army Combat Fitness Test where you have to launch a 10lb medicine ball behind you a minimum of 4 meters (12 feet). My personal trainer recommended kettle bell swings to practice and to use a heavier weight so we are!

Lastly, I found this awesome workout motivational poster and poster frame at Walmart and just knew it would be PERFECT in my workout room! I place it where I could look at it while on the treadmill (I HATE running) but also where I could see it when doing workouts. It’s definitely better than a blank wall!

Now it’s your turn! Have you gotten any new fitness toys lately? Is there something you have your eye on? Tell me in the comments below!!

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