Everyone has a story to tell...

...and this corner of the internet tells mine.


Within these pages you will find my passions, challenges I have overcome, challenges I am facing, and a never-ending thirst for knowledge, enlightenment, and self-development. So dive in and explore all my world has to offer – and perhaps somewhere in the chaos you will find a diamond.

Geeky Stuff

All things geeky! Doctor Who, anime, music, movies, gaming and everything in between. This is geek central!

Cyber Security

If it’s on the internet, it’s susceptible to cyber attacks. If it runs on code, it’s hackable. How safe is your data?

Information Technology

From home computing to coding, networking, and physical and virtual servers, this is all things IT related.

Bullet Journaling

A.K.A “BuJo”
My trusty sidekick that helps me keep my life together by tracking my dreams, goals, to-do’s and any other list you can imagine.


Because it’s cheaper than therapy. No really. Crafting helps soothe the creative beast and bring sanity to my world.

Fitness & Health

All my dreams have been made possible because I put myself first and focused on getting healthy. So let’s talk all things fitness and health related!

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