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Everyone has a story to tell. Everyone has special talents, passions, and dreams that makes them unique and special. More importantly, we all have struggles, heartaches, and pain that never quite heals. That’s what makes us human and that’s what makes us all the same, despite our differences. What we choose to do with our life lessons defines the person we are today and will become tomorrow.

This page is my little nook in the corner of the universe where I can express myself and share my passions with the world. I’ll share stories of how I overcame my own personal battles and, hopefully, those stories will help you overcome your own.

So feel free to jump in and explore what I have to offer. I hope it will be beneficial to you in some way and that somewhere in all the chaos, you will find a diamond.

Geeky Stuff

All things geeky! Doctor Who, anime, music, movies, gaming and everything in between. This is geek central!

Cyber Security

If it’s on the internet, it’s susceptible to cyber attacks. If it runs on code, it’s hackable. How safe is your data?

Information Technology

From home computing to coding, networking, and physical and virtual servers, this is all things IT related.

Bullet Journaling

A.K.A “BuJo”
My trusty sidekick that helps me keep my life together by tracking my dreams, goals, to-do’s and any other list you can imagine.

Knit & Crochet

Because it’s cheaper than therapy. No really. There’s nothing like a hot cup of tea, some yarn, and needles or a hook. Relax with me!

Fitness & Health

All my dreams have been made possible because I put myself first and focused on getting healthy. So let’s talk all things fitness and health related!


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My IT Skill-Set

“When you stop learning, you die.”
~Vernon Kempfer (my grandfather)

Cyber Security

Risk Management, Mitigation, Incident Response, Detection, Recovery 


Digital Communications, Wireless Area Networks, Local Area Networks, Routers, Switches, Firewalls

Information Technology

Physical Server Management, Virtual Servers, Workstations, Network Administration

Managed Services

Data Backup and Recovery, Managed Antivirus, Web Filtering, Patch Management, Asset Management

Database Management

MySQL, Schema, Backup, Recovery, Data Integrity, Change Management

Project Management

Resource Allocation, Time Management, Gantt Charts, Microsoft Project, Budgeting, Collaboration, Strategic Objectives and Outcomes